Mental Health Support to Prevent Harm

The Bellator App provides 24/7 crisis support, medical and therapeutic referrals and assistance to first responders anywhere in Australia who are in an acute state of psychiatric or physical distress.

Financial Assistance for Medical Care

Recognising the unique challenges faced by homeless and in need first responders, the organisation is dedicated to providing financial support for necessary medical care, ensuring access to essential healthcare services.

Comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Support

Prioritising the health and well being of homeless first responders, the organisation offers comprehensive support for individuals struggling with drug and alcohol issues, including access to rehabilitation programs and ongoing assistance.

Emergency Support and Crisis Services

Bellator is committed to providing emergency support services to homeless first responders, encompassing immediate medical and mental health needs, and benevolent assistance such as food, clothing, and accommodation.

Funding Counseling and Therapy Services

Provide professional counseling and therapy services for members dealing with PTSD, depression, and other mental health challenges. Offer one-on-one sessions with experienced counselors to address individual needs.

Career Opportunities Assistance

Bellator aims to assist homeless first responders in accessing career opportunities, facilitating pathways to stable employment and long-term financial stability.

Collaboration with Potential Employers

Collaborate with Emergency Services Employers to align efforts and ensure the provision of appropriate education and awareness initiatives for their members. Work together to further the collective commitment to mental health and well-being within the emergency services community.