Hi and welcome to Bellator Fortitudinem.  It is a pleasure to have you here and I hope that we can help each other in anyway possible.

My name is Nick White.  I was a police officer in NSW,  Australia for the past 19 years.  Prior to that I was a NSW Sheriff, worked in Harrods Pty Ltd in London, managed bars and was a paratrooper with the 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment. As a result of the 19  years of front line policing, I am was diagnosed with PTSD, depression and anxiety.  This group that I have created is designed for retired, medically discharged and serving officers in the NSW Police, NSW Fire, NSW Ambulance, RFS, SES and Nursing.  It has been incredible at giving me focus as I have created it with the hope that it will give you focus, strength and an understanding that you are not alone.

Our name is Latin for Warrior Strength.  We have all been through some type of trauma and have seen the darker side of life.  Yes, it is true.  We have stood between the darkness and society and have let them sleep under the layer of protection that we provide.  Unfortunately, the things we see and have been exposed to during our time in the job, have caused us all to suffer in some way.  We are Warriors and we have had the strength to hit rock bottom and make the journey back to life.

Everyone has their own battles, their own scars and this group offers you the opportunity to exchange ideas on therapy, fitness, meals and diets.  To listen and offer advice and support to others that are on here.  Something that you say may very well be what turns another person life around.  

So have a look around.  You don't have to share the gritty details of your story but you are more than welcome to say hi.  We have events that we can get together on, such as dinners, learn to surf, 4WD days, fishing.  There will also be weekend camps beginning in July 2023.  There will be several during the year as well as a Xmas get together each year.  I encourage each and every one of you to step up and engage.  We are here for each other.  You are never alone and we can and will help.  There is an app linked to this site soon which is currently being constructed and will be useful to us all.  


Nick White 

Nick White - Founder and Director of Bellator Fortitudinem

ACN: 668550892