Bellator Fortitudenum is Latin for Warrior Strength. 

Our mission is to support first responders and emergency service personnel during times of illness and distress.

Our organisation was founded by Nicholas White, a former NSW Police Officer who has served for 20 years. The team at Bellator understand that first responders and emergency service personnel

deal with traumatic events on a daily basis and suffer incredible trauma and psychiatric distress from the accidents, emergencies and events they attend to save the lives of others.

The Bellator Fortitudenum app which is currently being constructed, will provide 24/7 emergency and crisis support for first responders in distress, with referrals to hospitals, emergency psychiatric facilities and licensed therapists at the hit of a button. The app will provide a list of service providers, referrals, medical and mental health practitioners and short-term accommodation. The app also offers counselling services as a 24/7 helpline dedicated to first responders.

We are a Registered Not For Profit Charity with the Australian Chairty and Not For Profit Commission

Nick White - Founder and Director of Bellator Fortitudinem

ACN: 668550892